Giving back to society is one of Penny Black’s most important missions. We are dedicated to finding and supporting communities that are in need of the basics to get by in today’s world, and, to this end, are always on the lookout for ways we can give back.

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Food & Trees for Africa

A big part of outdoor advertising involves the construction and erection of large structural billboards on grounds that are mostly green, treed environments. We at Penny Black would like to emphasize that the biggest flaw in the out-of -home industry is the reluctance of media owners and advertising companies to protect these environments. We want to change that. Before building and erecting a billboard on a site, we assess the environmental state beforehand, take into account what type of trees, plants or grasses are in the area, and then, with the assistance of Food & Trees for Africa, we come up with ways we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.  Also, by planting and diversifying up to three times the amount of trees we remove on a site, rather than taking away from the environment, we give back and nurture it.

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Desk Bags

We found a purpose for our old vinyl flexes with Desk Bags, who recycle, cut and design vinyl flex material into school bags for children in need of basic education necessities. DeskBags are not only functional eco-friendly school bags, but also provide a portable desk solution. We've donated approximately 518 square meters of vinyl flex. 

The bag allows the child to carry his or her books and stationery, while the flap is reinforced with durable Perspex, that when folded open, allows for instant desk support too. Our product is made from the vinyl of recycled billboards, and is so robust that if looked after well, can last a whole school career.The bags are waterproof, reflective, and light enough for pre-primary scholars to use. 

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Solar Panelling

Due to the impact of high power usage in South Africa leaving thousands in the dark, we at Penny Black are currently researching solar paneling implementation for all our billboards. The thinking behind this is that the shortage of electricity is motivating all concerned into utilizing a greener, more independent and less exhausting source of power.


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Eco-Friendly Printing, Recycling & Electricity Saving

Penny Black is dedicated to finding new ways of recycling and saving on consumables, for instance, printing flexes that have been recycled and using eco-friendly, odorless, latex inks. We are also in the process of installing electric timer switches on all our billboards to ensure electricity is used only when needed, thereby minimizing wastage.



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